Squash :Jansher Khan v Peter Nicol : British Open Squash 1997 Final

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Squash: 1997 highlights British Open Squash : Jansher Khan v Peter Nicol .


inqurious says:

That’s what I love about Shabana — on his day he’s one of the best the world has ever seen. And he’s incredibly fair and tries to play the ball.

dafpnp says:

Definitely JK plays strokes and lets.

Rizwan Haq says:

There may have been a few illegitimate lets/ strokes in Jansher’s favour but there were an equal number (if not, more) in Nicol’s favour too……. why is everyone just focusing exclusively on the ones that were given to Jansher? I think this match was just badly refereed…

SquashLeo05 says:

jansher showed enormous grace in praising peter nicol inspite of peter nicol being rude to a degree that only an ill mannered bad looser could be.
kudos to you jansher,you showed what grace under pressure and being a gentleman is all about!!!

arshadhasan says:

pretty consistent ummpiring i must say. Even the commentator agrees. So lets just stop criticizing JK and enjoy the lovely nicks and command of frony court from JK and the resilience of PN. I see a lot of JK in James willstrop, ust watching the highlights from canary wharf

scrubs185 says:

guys you dont win world open 8 times, british open 6 times, won 99 professional titles n considered by even the best as the best player of all time by playing for lets.

ricwhk says:

if not because of lead or decision by referee, Jansher would have won by larger margins. If squash is a game without blocking or obstructing, Jansher was clearly a class above Peter.

yaliscorpio says:

Talk about shit reffing !!! THis guy is all ver the place at the start !!!

444grn says:

Thks so much Davis for putting these squash vids up. I’m enjoying them very much. I just subscribed you today..:)

FoftheCs says:

the ref made some bad decisions i think

leezygeezer says:

im not knocking his squash abilities, far from it, he was an awesome player, and I think you are right, he certainly started looking for let/strokes at the latter end of his career, I just thought it was a shame that he had to bring gamesmanship into it at such a high level.
I spoke to Peter last year and we were chatting about who out of everyone he has played in his career was the most difficult and he said Jansher without a doubt. He was a class act!!!

rizhaq7 says:

I’ll be uploading a match of Jansher vs. Peter Nicol from 1998 soon…. the last professional title he ever won (his 99th) and we can all then see from that match alone how superior he was against even a great like PN!

Davisfitnessblog says:

have you seen the match Jansher v Dittmar in world open 1987, you can find it in the description of this video. I agree towards the end of his career when he wasnt as strong he was blocking and looking for cheap points alot more . i will be uploading some more matches of Jansher in his prime and then you will be able to appreciate how good he was .

leezygeezer says:

jk,s xcourt was weak and punished by peter. he had no right to the t as pn had already played his shot. the ball was past jk and he had no chance. almost every game ive seen jk play has been the same, is he playin squash or strokes and lets?

Davisfitnessblog says:

happy you are enjoying them .

Davisfitnessblog says:

yeah some nice clips of Harvs during the match ;)

Davisfitnessblog says:

glad you liked it .

DigitalAidz says:

The shot at 26:17 by Jansher was so down. You can tell Jansher knew as well. Peter did a lot to put up with this game imo.

Davisfitnessblog says:

1.27 is 50/50 let /nolet , PN hit an easy length and blocked out JK on the T . The whole match was a blockfest and fishing expedition so unfair to pick on Jansher inmo.

leezygeezer says:

Jansher ‘every time I play a good shot, i’ll stand over it or move to block the player, or if you play a good shot I’ll run into you and ask for the let/stroke’ Khan.
For a player with his tactical ability, racket skills, movement and fitness it’s nothing short of a disgrace. check out 1.27 as just one example, always a no let.
Peter did well considering the amount of let/no let/strokes in this match, he had no choice but to try and play him at his own game.

razamust says:

Thank you very much for your uploads..

pritch68 says:

Wow thank you for uploading.

Neil Harvey looks so nervous there at the beginning!

xedvux says:

Fantastic upload of a great match.


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